There’s No Place Like Home: Survival in different habitats

7th June, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 59 Comments

In the STC™ Animal Studies unit, Lesson 15 is titled There’s No Place Like Home. In this lesson, fourth grade students discover why most animals would not survive well in any habitat other than their own. They see that humans are different than the fiddler crabs, millipedes, and dwarf african frogs that they have studied » Read More

How do animals respond to a change in their habitat?

6th June, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 38 Comments

Students conduct a simple experiment to test three animal’s (millipedes, fiddler crabs, and dwarf african frogs) responses to a sudden change in one condition of their habitats: light. Working in groups, students predict, test, observe, and record each animal’s behavioral response to the environmental change. Join this fourth grade class of scientists as they investigate lesson 10 in STC™ » Read More

USDA releases new plate icon to replace the food pyramid

2nd June, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 2 Comments

  (CNN) — The food pyramid has been dismantled in favor of a simple plate icon that urges Americans to eat a more plant-based diet. One half of your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables, with whole grains and lean protein on the other half, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Low-fat » Read More

Observe Millipedes More Closely with STC™ Animal Studies

1st June, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 45 Comments

Join these fourth graders on their adventure through STC ™Animal Studies as they observe the millipede. Students have created three habitats: water, land, and where land and water meet.  In Lesson 9, students compare and contrast the habitats of the millipedes, crabs, and frogs. By focusing on habitat conditions such as climate, moisture, and light, » Read More