S.T.E.M. in the 4 year old Kindergarten Classroom “Super Structures!”

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Submitted by East North Street Academy of Math and Science

Shannon Graham

Super Structures!

My class recently completed an in-depth study of Structures.  Our integrated project included many activities in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Engineering.  We began our unit by researching structures using non-fiction books.  Then we went on a Structures walk around our school to identify different types of structures.  We looked for shapes and discussed reasons for certain designs.  We had a “Tool Expert” come to our class and show us some real tools and how to use them.  Then we traced the tools and used letter stamps to spell their names.  Then we created models of common tools with play dough.  We drew pictures of famous structures and wrote their names.  We used recyclable materials to build structures and discussed how to make them strong and safe.  We built with foam geometric solids and discovered the best foundation for a tower and how to build them taller.  We read the story of “The Three Little Pigs” and related our study of structures to their three types of houses.  We studied about bridges and walls and why we need them.  We made walls with pattern blocks and made a Humpty Dumpty pattern wall with paper shapes.  We completed our study of Structures by making our own brick wall around a flower bed.  We planted bulbs and pansies inside.  We invited our families to our Structures Celebration where we served a “Three Little Pigs” snack of “haystacks”, pretzel “sticks”, and cheese “bricks”.  We engaged our parents in our learning by using marshmallows and toothpicks to discover the power of the triangle!  Even the youngest learners can participate and learn with S.T.E.M. activities!  We had a great time of learning with Structures!

Shanna built a robot structure at home with her mom using recyclable materials.













Jessica and Gerson are building structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks with their moms at our Structures Celebration.  We were exploring the power of the triangle and how it strengthens structures.  We built them strong and safe, just like the third Little Pig in the folktale, “The Three Little Pigs”.  We ate a “Three Little Pigs” snack of “haystacks”, pretzel “sticks”, and cheese “bricks”.            

Later that day, we did the same activity with our "Book Buddies" from third grade. Lilian and Caroline are showing off their structures.

Our "Tool Expert" shows us how to use a power drill! It was our favorite tool!


We enjoyed building our very own structures!














Students carried over the engineering and design theme to the math station where they used Math Out of the Box geometric foam shapes to build and record their structure designs.

Oscar proudly shares his drawing of his 3-D structure using foam geometric shapes.

Yasmin proudly shares her tower of 3-D shapes!

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