Observe the STC™ Organisms Unit in a first grade classroom. Teaching Lesson 8, Observing Guppies: How Do They Compare with the Snails?

9th November, 2010 - Posted by Sammie Gann - No Comments

Thanks to Guilford County Schools for sharing their science students in action! In lesson 8 of the STC™ Organisms Unit, students are introduced to a second freshwater animal, the guppy.  Students observe their plants and animals coexisting in the same environment.

* Students observe, draw, and describe a male and female guppy.

* Students share their observations and discuss similarities and differences among organisms.

* Students use a Venn Diagram to discuss similarities and differences of snails and guppies.

* Students discuss what guppies need to live.

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Click here to see the Conceptual Storyline for Organisms

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