Teach measurement using non-standard units with Pumpkin S.T.E.M.

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Michelin teams up with 4K (4 year old kindergarten) for “Ready 4 Reading” that integrates Math and Science.

Submitted by:

Shannon Graham and Amanda Graves

Kindergarten Teachers

Greenville, South Carolina

Michelin’s Customer Service Department at National Headquarters in Greenville, SC has partnered with the 4 year old classrooms at East North Street Academy of Math and Science for “Ready 4 Reading”, a literacy program that integrates Math and Science. Amanda Graves and Shannon Graham’s 4K classes can’t wait each month for their Michelin friends to visit! In October, they did some great “Pumpkin S.T.E.M.” activities centered around a book called The Biggest Pumpkin Ever.

“We ordered our 3 pumpkins by size then measured them with non-standard linking chains to see if we ordered them correctly. Then we counted the chain links. Finally, we did some great work with our 5 senses as we explored a real pumpkin. We used a great learning web to guide our learning.”


Each month Michelin donates a copy of the book they read to each child in our 4K classes, as well as a packet of home learning activities that relate to Math and Science.



Why not check out companies in your community with an interest in Math and Science and see if they would be willing to partner with your class for some great learning! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Teacher Instruction Sheet

Teach Numeration and measurement using non-standard units, pumpkins, and connecting links. Click to download the Teacher Instruction Sheet PDF.













Student Activity Sheet

Compare and order pumpkins from least to greatest. Measure your pumpkins using links and then practice counting as you add up your links to compare measurements. Click to download the Student Activity Sheet PDF.

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