Developing Geometric Logic with MOOTB: Building with 3-D Shapes

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Lesson Submitted by Shannon Graham

Engageallows students to make connections between past and present learning experiences and also provides a natural pre-assessment for both the teacher and the student.  (Lowery, 1998; Wolfe, 2001).

Investigate: implies that understanding cannot be imposed on the learner, but instead is developed progressively by the learner, beginning with concrete and progressing to abstract opportunities. (Baroody & Ginsburg, 1990, p. 56).


Reflect: provides the opportunity for students to share ideas with others and to more formerly connect what they have learned with what they already know. (Confrey, 1990)


Applyboth students and teachers can assess the depth of understanding of the newly formed ideas as the new knowledge becomes prior knowledge on which to connect new learning–and the cycle of learning begins again. (Diaz, 2004)

Questions to think about:

  1. How do you introduce vocabulary to your students? What vocabulary/concepts are being introduced here?
  2. What ways do you assess your students understanding?
  3. How do your students use a math notebook to document their daily learning?
  4. In what ways can this lesson be extended?

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