Observe the STC™ Organisms Unit in a first grade classroom. Teaching Lesson 13, Freshwater and Woodland Plants: How Do They Compare?

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Thanks to Guilford County Schools for sharing their science students in action! In the Organisms unit, the students have observed, discussed, and cared for all of their organisms over time and are developing an understanding that organisms grow, change, along with the fact that they have general and specific needs. In lesson 13 of the STC™ Organisms Unit, students focus on all four plants that they have observed-Elodea, Cabomba, tree seeding, and moss-to arrive at ways that plants are alike and different.

* Students observe the freshwater and woodland plants.

* Students use a Venn diagram to discuss the ways the freshwater and woodland plants are alike and different.

* Students add to their “Needs of Plants” list.

* Students learn more about the variety among plants by reading about some unusual ones.

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