The adventures of vermicomposting in the classroom

14th March, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 1 Comment


Online lessons can flesh out student understanding of worm bin composting. “The Adventures of Vermi the Worm” appears on CalRecycle online. In a virtual worm bin, students learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle by watching Vermi in his bin with apple cores and eggshells.

I will never forget my students faces when they discovered that worms eat our trash (or most of it) when we started a worm composting bin in my classroom.  We would love to call in Master Gardeners to present and help kick off our unit.  Weeks later, they discovered that the soil was warmer inside the compost bin than outside.  Hmm…  I wonder why?

I am looking for ideas that you use to make mini compost bins for small groups that are simple and easy. Please share  student worm containers that work in your classroom for composting below using the reply box. I would love to see what you guys come up with and hope that you enjoy the game I found as much as I did with my students.

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judy sigmon

March 14th, 2011 at 10:41 am    

I made several worm bins and gave a workshop where everyone made one to take home. All you need is a dark tupperware bin, a drill with a 1″ bit, pieces of window screen and hot glue. Drill air holes in the lid and upper part of the sides, hot glue screen over them. I also use a smaller bit to make a drain hole the size of the rubber stopper I find. Tear newspaper in strips, spray to dampen. Add “compost starter”:garden soil with humus.Be sure to get REDWORMS not nightcrawlers!Cover any waste added with the bedding and no flies will come. Harvest compost in 3 months, feed weekly.

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