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5th March, 2010 - Posted by Sammie Gann - No Comments

Dear students and teachers,

Have you ever wanted the chance to publish your science and math ideas? This is your chance to be famous! 

Carolina Curriculum is looking for student and teacher submissions of hands-on inquiry science and math that you do every day in your classroom.   Share videos of your favorite experiment or inquiry lesson, pages from your math and science notebooks, comic strips that you design, your science fair presentation, etc.  The sky is the limit!  Maybe your teacher will give you the extra credit that you long for?  You never know unless you ask.

  1. Submit your work to your teacher or a parent.
  2. Log onto
  3. Submit your idea, video, or other content under the “contribute” tab.
  4. It is that easy!

For more information, please contact for details.  Any pictures, videos, or scanned documents please send directly to my email.  Thanks!

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