Reach your digital learners with a FREE technology tool from Microsoft!

22nd June, 2010 - Posted by Sammie Gann - No Comments

In the June 2010 issue of eSchool News, a new program called Mouse Mischief was announced.  Microsoft announced a free download and addition to their PowerPoint software that allows up to 25 students at a time to participate in classroom presentations and interactive activities.

This program sounds perfect for a review session in the computer lab setting!

When I taught elementary school, we used Audience Response Systems (ARS) or Student Responses Systems to reach our digital learners which cost around 800 dollars a system.  Mouse Mischief is completely FREE!!  It allows teachers to add multiple choice questions, yes/no and drawing questions to interactive PowerPoint presentations.  It is an assessment ready tool just a mouse click away. The program even calculates the percentage of students who answered the question correctly so you can reflect back on ways to remediate that standard or re teach the objective using an addition lab or hands on activity.

Download the application at

The Mouse Mischief toolbar will appear as part of the PowerPoint ribbon on your existing PowerPoint slides. When I heard of this FREE software available and designed for educators I had to pass it on. 

Mouse Mischief Weather Slideshow

Mouse Mischief Tides

Check it out and reply using the box below to keep me posted on ways that you have used this in your classroom, ways that you might use this to engage your digital learners, or your thoughts on this program.

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