Experiment with conductors and insulators to complete an electrical circuit.

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Experiment with conductors and insulators to try to light the bulb.  What materials let electricity pass through? Why do you think so? Record your answers below.  What other materials might you try to use to complete the circuit?



Are you interested in electricity and want to find out more in your classroom? Check out  the Electric Circuits inquiry kit from STC!

Click on the Teacher's Guide to spark your students interest in science class!

Students investigate the properties of electricity in this physical science unit for grades 3-5. Your class will build model light bulbs and flashlights, test different materials for conductivity, and light a dollhouse in a capstone activity that will require careful design, planning, and execution, and test their knowledge of circuits in a real world situation.

By the end of the unit your students will understand that:

A complete circuit is required to light a light bulb.
Different devices and materials play special roles in a circuit.
Electricity flowing through a circuit may produce heat and light.
Different strategies can be used to troubleshoot circuits.
Electric circuits are used to design and build useful devices.

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