Teaching the food chain/food webs in a biology classroom

23rd March, 2010 - Posted by Teacher - 1 Comment

Teaching food chain/ food webs Submitted by Robin Dahman (Biology teacher in Lorain, Ohio) Materials: yarn, toy plastic animals, scissors, large styrofoam ball, yellow spray paint, eager students Students struggle to make the connections between memorized vocabulary and application of that vocabulary.  I have come up with a fun and interactive way to teach the » Read More

Apply for Inquiries in Science® Mini-Grant Program by May 27,2010

11th March, 2010 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 9 Comments

Click on the image to apply today! All applications must be submitted by May 27, 2010.                       What is the Inquiries in Science® Mini-Grant Program? It’s your opportunity to see just how much Carolina Biological Supply Company’s Inquiries in Science® kits can improve your students’ » Read More