Developing Geometric Logic with MOOTB: Building with 3-D Shapes

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Lesson Submitted by Shannon Graham Engage: allows students to make connections between past and present learning experiences and also provides a natural pre-assessment for both the teacher and the student.  (Lowery, 1998; Wolfe, 2001). Investigate: implies that understanding cannot be imposed on the learner, but instead is developed progressively by the learner, beginning with concrete and » Read More

S.T.E.M. in the 4 year old Kindergarten Classroom “Super Structures!”

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Submitted by East North Street Academy of Math and Science Shannon Graham Super Structures! My class recently completed an in-depth study of Structures.  Our integrated project included many activities in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Engineering.  We began our unit by researching structures using non-fiction books.  Then we went on a Structures walk around our » Read More

Kindergarten teachers share their experiences with Math Out of the Box

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Share your experiences with Math out of the box for Kindergarten below. This grade level pack includes 5 Teacher’s guides to cover all of your math strands: Algebra and Data Analysis: Rhythm and Design Geometry: Towers and Trails Measurement: Over and Under Number Concepts and Probability: Like and Unlike         Teachers, use » Read More