Teach relative size for the Sun, Moon, and Earth through song

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Check out our Carolina Curriculum Connections The STC program™ Earth and Space Building Blocks of Science ® Weather and Sky (New K Unit for 2011) Building Blocks of Science ® Sky Watchers  (Newly Revised) GEMS® Earth, Moon, and Stars GEMS® Space Science Sequence   Check out this song and then the science behind it.  These » Read More

Using photos from space to learn more about our world

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  Read more about Sunita Williams Biography What are some conclusions that you can make after observing astronaut Sunita Williams photos from space? Share your observations below. Read More

View the Moon Phase for today!

12th April, 2010 - Posted by Teacher - 4 Comments

Teaching the moon phases can be a difficult Earth Science topic when we don’t have our students at school during the night time hours.  This FREE resource allows your students to see the moon phases daily in a technology center in your classroom.  What are some ways that you could use this moon tool in your » Read More

Earth Science technology tool for assessment in your classroom

1st April, 2010 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 2 Comments

  Move this online game to a technology station in your classroom! We all know that assessment is key to drive your instruction. Assess your students learning through this interactive blog and connect with 21st century students and teachers around the world. Upload videos, class snapshots, science notebook entries, students interviewing students, or inquiry prompts and » Read More