Teach measurement using non-standard units with Pumpkin S.T.E.M.

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Michelin teams up with 4K (4 year old kindergarten) for “Ready 4 Reading” that integrates Math and Science. Submitted by: Shannon Graham and Amanda Graves Kindergarten Teachers Greenville, South Carolina Michelin’s Customer Service Department at National Headquarters in Greenville, SC has partnered with the 4 year old classrooms at East North Street Academy of Math » Read More

Kindergarten teachers share their experiences with Math Out of the Box

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Share your experiences with Math out of the box for Kindergarten below. This grade level pack includes 5 Teacher’s guides to cover all of your math strands: Algebra and Data Analysis: Rhythm and Design Geometry: Towers and Trails Measurement: Over and Under Number Concepts and Probability: Like and Unlike         Teachers, use » Read More

Having trouble with greater than and less than? Try this song with your students!

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Number eating alligator song and pdf worksheet download click to download INTELLI-TUNES by Ron and Nancy Brown share compelling information on how teachers can use music to learn science and math concepts in their classroom. Why Use Music to Teach Children? Music is a universal language central to every culture of the world. It has been » Read More