Visit the toolshed and build a worm bin with Vermi the worm

17th March, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - No Comments

Redworms are living organisms.  What do they need to survive? Work in the toolshed with Vermi the worm to make a virtual compost bin.  To make compost you will need to follow a recipe but not one that humans would eat, just your redworms.  Enjoy and share your experiences using the reply box below.   Read More

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with Vermi the worm

16th March, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - No Comments

Recycling is fun and worms are natural recyclers! Pick from the three games to play with Vermi the worm: Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle. Challenge your students to submit ways that they reduce, reuse and recycle every day using the reply box below.  If you have pictures of creative recycling projects, email them to with a short » Read More

The adventures of vermicomposting in the classroom

14th March, 2011 - Posted by Sammie Gann - 1 Comment

  Online lessons can flesh out student understanding of worm bin composting. “The Adventures of Vermi the Worm” appears on CalRecycle online. In a virtual worm bin, students learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle by watching Vermi in his bin with apple cores and eggshells. I will never forget my students faces when they » Read More