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The problem below is from Math Out Of The Box Lesson 11: Subtracting Fractions Stan has a problem. Stan’s dad gave him two boards to use in building a birdhouse. One board measured 25 5/16 inches long and the other measured 18 9/16 inches long. What was the difference in the lengths of the boards? » Read More

Submit your creative ideas and win a FREE aquarium starter kit!

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Dear students and teachers, Have you ever wanted the chance to publish your science and math ideas? This is your chance to be famous!  Carolina Curriculum is looking for student and teacher submissions of hands-on inquiry science and math that you do every day in your classroom.   Share videos of your favorite experiment or inquiry » Read More

Having trouble with greater than and less than? Try this song with your students!

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Number eating alligator song and pdf worksheet download click to download INTELLI-TUNES by Ron and Nancy Brown share compelling information on how teachers can use music to learn science and math concepts in their classroom. Why Use Music to Teach Children? Music is a universal language central to every culture of the world. It has been » Read More